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Million Finance

Decentralized Exchange & Customizable AMM

NFT Community

The upcoming Million Finance DeFi product is part of the Million ecosystem. We are a community of 1,519 Million Sandbox NFT owners who are involved with a wide variety of Solana ecosystem projects.


Index Funds

Million Finance provides decentralized, self-balancing index funds that generate yield for investors.

Instead of forcing you to pay fees to traditional portfolio managers, your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced for free. Earn additional fees when traders tap into your liquidity through an automated market maker.

Customize Pools

Invest in themed funds or create your own by customizing a new liquidity pool.

Each index fund is a liquidity pool consisting of multiple tokens with target percentage weights. For example, a fund can hold the top 5 tokens in the DeFi, NFT, or metaverse ecosystem. Token prices are calculated internally depending on the weights and balances of tokens held in each pool.


Low-cost Swaps

Building Million Finance on Solana blockchain results in the lowest fees among similar DeFi products, such as Balancer on Ethereum.

Traders tap into the index funds for liquidity when making token swaps and will be routed to pools with the best prices. This constantly rebalances token prices while traders profit from arbitrage after paying fees to index fund investors.



The Million ecosystem originated as a NFT community with the launch of Million Sandbox. We're now building a flagship DeFi product after winning 3rd in the Solana Riptide hackathon. See the full roadmap here.


Initial community building efforts to give visibility to our first NFT product.

Million Finance

Flagship DeFi investment product. Automated market maker, index funds, and trading platform.

More NFTs

Build additional NFT use cases and fun experiences such as NFT PFPs.

Million Sandbox

Decentralized ad network with tradable ads integrated with NFTs. Listed on Magic Eden.

Liquidity Mining and Farming

Incentivize deposits by rewarding Million Finance users with additional yield.


Compose Million Finance with Million Sandbox as well as other DeFi projects.


If you still have questions, feel free to join our Discord server.

Who is the founder of the project?

Who is the founder of the project?

I'm a Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience at traditional big tech companies. I've become extremely excited about the innovations on smart contract platforms and had a lot of fun building my own NFT and DeFi products. I'm 100% committed to helping build out important pieces of the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

Is this a DeFi or NFT project?

Is this a DeFi or NFT project?

We're a community with a flagship index funds product in addition to our existing NFT project. This unique approach allows us to leverage a compelling NFT community experience to help grow our DeFi product.

When will Million Finance launch?

When will Million Finance launch?

Devnet is already available for testing. Smart contract audits will be required before a full mainnet launch in the future to ensure a robust and secure product.

Why should I use Million Finance?

Why should I use Million Finance?

Many DeFi projects currently advertise unsustainable APYs. Million Finance's goal is to provide a safer and more consistent option through index funds. It's important for investors to diversify between different levels of risk and asset allocations.

What benefits do the NFTs provide?

What do the NFTs do?

The Million Sandbox NFTs currently grants owners access to tradable ad spaces and a voice in the community. In the future they could be more deeply integrated with Million Finance. We can also introduce PFPs to give the community a stronger sense of identity.

How do I get involved with the community?

How do I get involved with the community?

Join our Discord. We've already launched Million Finance in Devnet and anyone can test it. You can also become a Million Sandbox NFT owner.

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